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On-demand webinars and videos

Get planning with Figured

To help your firm get on the front foot of advisory, we’ve designed a series of webinars for accountants at any stage in their career, that demonstrate how you can increase efficiency and data reliability in your practice, and create deeper customer relationships.

  • Get more done with Farm Reporter
  • Farm Manager: Advanced agri-planning tools
  • Commercial Manager: Financial planning and reporting for non-farming businesses
  • Accelerate advisory with Figured
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Quarterly product updates: Sept 2022

Catch the latest updates & enhancements Figured in September's product update webinar, including:

• Report packs
• New Reports (farm summary and gross margin reports)
• Dynamic planning in the planning grid
• OD limit/headroom on Cashflow report

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Capitalise on tax and investment planning opportunities

In this series, we have two on-demand webinars to help you streamline tax processes and supercharge your advisory capabilities.

  • Get ahead of tax planning season: how digitising your data can take the bottlenecks out of your tax process

  • Evaluating long-term investment options: easily model and advise your farmers on the viability of their big decisions
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Introducing Figured Insights

Get ahead of the curve with proactive advisory services.

See our powerful new Figured Insights platform in action and how this business intelligence solution for agri can benefit your firm by unlocking the value of the data that sits in your business today.

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Simplifying compliance: through an integrated agri solution

Open up the gateway to higher-value advisory services for your firm through Figured's streamlined compliance capabilities.

  • Move away from workarounds and become a more integrated Xero farming practice
  • Automate compliance obligations
  • How Statement of Position and Tracker features help with tax time and planning
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Agri-planning tools: adding value through integrated planning

How to easily get started with a Figured planning service for your clients.

  • Get planning out of spreadsheets or disconnected products
  • Integrate Xero data directly into a comprehensive farm plan
  • Get planning tools and reports at your fingertips
  • Support clients with a standardised, scalable service offering
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Agworld and Figured Integration: An introduction

Join Figured and Agworld in this free on-demand webinar to see how this integration can benefit you and your crop farming clients.

Get a good understanding of how the integration works for farmers and advisors, how you can get started and how to get training and support as needed

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A fresh look at Figured: Livestock farmers

Discover how you can easily create annual plans & budgets for your livestock farm and report on key metrics in real-time with Figured's farm financial management tool. Watch our free on-demand webinar to find out more.

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A fresh look at Figured: Dairy farming

Move your dairy farming business into the cloud. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how you can use Figured's farm financial management tool to easily create annual plans & budgets and build reports to track your performance over the year.

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A fresh look at Figured: Mixed farming

Get a fresh look at Figured's farm financial management tools to see how you can easily prepare annual plans & budgets and track the performance of your crop and mixed farming operation in real-time.

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Figured 101

Looking to get started with Figured? The Figured 101 webinar series will take you through some of the core concepts and features of Figured, and how to utilise the product to get the most out of it.

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Building an annual plan

Learn how to build out an annual plan using the planning tools that we have available in Figured.

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Scenarios: A long term view of your farm

How to build up a 5+ year view of where your farm is heading with our scenarios tool.

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Management valuations

Learn how management valuations of your livestock on hand can power up your profit & loss report.

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Supercharged reporting

Take your Figured reports to the next level. Combine financial and production information into a single report, and check out how benchmarking works.

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Shrinking the time to advisory

In this webinar our team talk through using Figured to address the Now, Where, and How questions for advisory.

Then we'll show you how you can build out a farm to prove this internally to your firm.

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Cropping in Figured

With our new cropping tracker, farmers now have the most flexible way to track their farm’s crop season production and sales activities.

This new experience puts accountants in a powerful advisory position, as they can now understand a crop farm’s financial situation in a simpler, clearer way.

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