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    At agriCFO we use the latest cloud accounting and farm management solutions to ensure that not only do you have accurate live figures, but you also have a clear picture of where you are going with in-depth budgeting and forecasting. We use our extensive backgrounds in agriculture and accounting to provide a range of services to suit every farmer. Whether you just want help getting started with Figured and Xero, need some guidance before lodging your BAS or want someone who becomes part of your enterprise and works with you to help your farm thrive we have a solution for you.

    At agriCFO it is our mission to enable farmers to farm for profit whilst maintaining the lifestyle that drew them to the industry. We love travelling to farms to get to know you and your business.


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    Agri-Business Financial Management Services
    In 2020, Rachael and Bronte co-founded Strive Ag Consulting, bringing with them a wealth of experience in the transformative journey of optimising agri-cloud financial management for agricultural businesses.

    With a comprehensive background spanning accounting, banking, and farming, Rachael and Bronte took an early and committed stance in adopting Figured. Each with over 10 years experience in the agri consulting space their cloud software expertise extends to many key accounting and agri-management software systems.

    Having grown up on farms and subsequently forging careers in agri-accounting and agri-banking, Rachael and Bronte possess the skills to spearhead the successful adoption of Figured across both accounting and farming groups.

    For more information get in touch, or check out the recent webinar here.


    BJW AGRIBUSINESS is a specialist provider of agricultural management services to enterprises in Western Australia. Our diversity in client location, financial scale and enterprise mix allows us to capture some of the most innovative business management principles adopted by the best farmers in the state. We focus on delivering independent and timely advice, latest tools in business management, teamwork and building confidence and fulfilment for our clients.

    Given the vast experience of our consultants, we have an in-depth understanding of farming businesses, their cashflows and profit drivers.

    One of our leading agribusiness specialists will work with you to ensure your Xero and Figured implementation is successful. After implementation we will assist in all aspects of ongoing use, reporting, business management and strategy if required. In addition we can assist in areas such as capturing and analysing business and paddock data which can help boost on-farm efficiencies, increase product value, segregate markets, meet regulatory requirements and protect resources – which can appear overwhelming at times.

    Western Australia
    Brent Searle: | 08 9388 1377