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Trev is your trusty farm reporting software, allowing you to record on-farm data and events in less than ten minutes per week. You can build your own database of operational information, then use Trev’s insight tools to gauge farm performance, benchmark and compare farms or share your data for financial and strategic decision making.

By integrating with Trev, we’re speeding up the farm management process and opening the doors for your livestock data to flow directly through to Figured. You can then align your operational and financial data to save time, reduce pain and increase confidence in your records.

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What Figured & Trev can do

Remove double entry pain 

Figured and Trev save you time and remove the pain of double data entry with the automatic transfer of livestock information from Trev direct to your Figured farm. 

The seamless flow of data between the two platforms means that Trev becomes the single source of the truth for all your livestock movements and removes the need to enter the same data twice.

 A single source of truth

Keeping livestock numbers accurate across your business is never as straightforward as it seems, but there’s no need to put up with inconsistent numbers being reported in different places. Get your operational and financial numbers in sync with the Trev and Figured integration so that all your stakeholders can sing from the same song sheet when it comes to stock reconciliations.

Get the full picture

Your operational on-farm data and financial data on their own are useful - but by combining both data sets through this integration, we open up a new level of insight to farmers so you can make decisions with confidence.

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