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Webinars and training videos

Quarterly product updates: Feb 2023

See what the latest Figured product updates mean for you and how they can benefit for farming or agri-accounting business.

  • Enhanced birth rate calculations
  • Categories changes to snapshots
  • Scenario modeling in Farm Reporter
  • The new Statement of Position
  • Introducing Figured Lending
  • New reports and comparisons in Figured Insights
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Commercial Manager:
The best of Figured for non-agri

Figured Commercial Manager brings the best of Figured’s farm financial planning and reporting capabilities to industries of all shapes and sizes.

See how this powerful tool can drive efficiency across your entire accounting practice. You'll also hear from Malveena Scott of BFA Accountants on how they use Figured Commercial Manager for their non-agri clients.

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Quarterly product updates: Sept 2022

Catch the latest updates & enhancements to Figured in September's product update webinar, including:

• Our new integration partners Trev and FarmIQ
• Report packs
• New reports (farm summary and gross margin reports)
• Dynamic planning in the planning grid
• Dairybase integration
• OD limit/headroom on Cashflow report

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Future farm finances:
FarmIQ & Figured

See how integrating FarmIQ and Figured enables stock transactions managed in FarmIQ to automatically sync with Figured, allowing farmers and accountants to easily model and set financial plans using the most accurate and up-to-date farm information available.

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Trev & Figured: Pair your farm and financial data for top-notch decision making

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how by combining innovative farm technology from Trev and Figured, farmers can easily align operational and financial data to reduce time spent on manual data entry, increase accuracy to make more informed decisions, and confidently plan for the future.

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Master the fundamentals of Figured

Unlock his 3-part webinar series for New Zealand accountants and master the fundamentals of Figured. Discover how to navigate uncertainty and get your farming clients into a financial position of strength.

  1. End of year trading statements in 3 steps
  2. Best practice planning
  3. Scenario planning
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Planning for the year ahead: Sheep & beef and dairy farmers

Good financial plans are the backbone of any successful farming business. 

Whether you’re a sheep & beef or dairy farmer, discover how you can easily create annual plans & budgets, and track your progress over the year with Figured's powerful agri-planning tools.

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Easier farm finances with Figured

Wheather you're running sheep & beef, dairy or crops, see how Figured works for your specific farm type to reduce stress over the numbers, free you up from inefficient paperwork and enabling your business to be more agile and responsive.

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Introduction to Figured

Get a better understanding of how Figured can help you and your farm in our Introduction to Figured webinar series.
This quick 30-minute tour will give you:
  • A good understanding of how Figured works for your farm type
  • How data flows between Xero and Figured and how they work as a single system
  • How to get started with Figured
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Figured 101

Looking to get started with Figured? The Figured 101 webinar series will take you through some of the core concepts and features of Figured, and how to utilise the product to get the most out of it.

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Building an annual plan

Learn how to build out an annual plan using the planning tools that we have available in Figured.

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Scenarios: A long term view of your farm

How to build up a 5+ year view of where your farm is heading with our scenarios tool.

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Management valuations

Learn how management valuations of your livestock on hand can power up your profit & loss report.

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Supercharged reporting

Take your Figured reports to the next level. Combine financial and production information into a single report, and check out how benchmarking works.

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Shrinking the time to advisory

In this webinar our team talk through using Figured to address the Now, Where, and How questions for advisory.

Then we'll show you how you can build out a farm to prove this internally to your firm.

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Cropping in Figured

With our new cropping tracker, farmers now have the most flexible way to track their farm’s crop season production and sales activities.

This new experience puts accountants in a powerful advisory position, as they can now understand a crop farm’s financial situation in a simpler, clearer way.

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