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Using technology to transform a Taranaki farm

Donovan and Sophie took a sustainable approach to running their farm. Find out how they used technology to create
efficiencies and transform their business.


Bringing the farming team onto one app stack

Great farms are run by great teams. The best farmers are those who surround themselves with experts and use technology to lighten the workload. That's why Xero, Figured & PaySauce have come together to form the definitive farm financial management technology stack for farmers and their team of experts. 

Together Xero, Figured and PaySauce take care of financial and HR compliance requirements giving your clients peace of mind and helping to mitigate costly mistakes. Budgeting and financial forecasting is made easy and the whole farming governance team will have access to the information needed to make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Using these three apps, farmers and their team can input data into the same place, giving them the ability to make well informed and confident decisions, be well positioned to react to market volatility, and be 'bank ready'.


How Xero for Farming works


Online accounting software

Save time and collaborate with your team

Working together online means everyone is working from the same information. So you and your team don’t have to waste time collating multiple spreadsheets or pieces of paper and receipts.

Run the farm on the go

Keep track of business from anywhere with the Xero mobile app. You can send invoices, input receipts, and reconcile bank transactions from wherever you are.

Keep track of business

Make decisions with confidence by seeing all of your business information in one place with the Xero dashboard. Customise financial reports, monitor spending and assets, and stay on top of cash flow.

Real-time insights

Powerful reporting gives you an up-to-date view of your financial position. Connect with farming apps like Figured and PaySauce to get even greater insights into your business.

Automate GST

Automate your GST returns and submit to Inland Revenue directly from Xero.

Streamline document collection and data entry

Hubdoc captures your bills and receipts and turns them into accurately-coded Xero transactions, so you can spend more time running a better farming business.


Dairy, livestock, and cropping

Powerful budgeting and forecasting

Create farm budgets which align to farm production plans, maintain a record of your reforecasts and keep your budget up to date through real time data integration with Xero.

Real-time reporting

Produce detailed financial, production, management and year-end reports. Users can add comments to reports, export as a PDF or share directly from Figured, so everyone in the farming team can stay up-to-date with the farm’s performance.

Production tracking

Record production down to a herd, field, or crop-type level. Production quantities automatically sync with the financial plan so you can see how a particular month’s production impacts the farm’s bottom line.

Connect with your advisors

Figured offers an easier way to work with your accountant, farm consultant and bank to produce up-to-date management information and keep everyone on the same page.


The agri payroll provider

End-to-end pay run

PaySauce takes care of payroll, calculating wages, PAYE, KiwiSaver, holiday pay and any extra obligations, paying your team and the tax man, sending out payslips and reports, and filing with IRD.

Cloud-based compliance

You’re always on the go, so PaySauce has an app for your smartphone, tablet and computer. Your team can use their mobiles to fill in digital timesheets, access payslips and request leave. Then you can review, manage and sort pay runs wherever you are.

In the right field

PaySauce is built with and for farming employers. That means the features are developed in direct response to the needs of your business, like minimum wage top-ups for seasonal staff and digital Federated Farmers Contracts.

Support superheroes

When you contact PaySauce support, you’ll reach somebody who understands your payroll. Accommodation allowances, banking lieu hours and rent deductions - all taken care of.


A farmer's perspective


Planning for your future using Xero & Figured

“I’m a young farmer, I’ve got a ton of debt, and I need to know that I’m not making a mistake.”

Paul and Mandy Eason from Overhill Farm, implemented Xero & Figured to get on top of their finances, upon recommendation from their advisors, Polson Higgs. Read more about their story here.

“When you see how Xero and Figured complement each other so easily, it makes a big difference to what we do. Having the understanding that we’re all on the same page at the same time, looking at the same data - that’s key. The opportunity of having three minds on a budget far outweighs just my own. With a team, they can help you figure out what you’ve done wrong and give you assurance on whether you’re heading in the right direction."

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Realising the potential

The owner of Airport Farm, Ed Whiting, isn’t one to shy away from technology. Having three farms currently in operation, it is crucial for Ed to utilise technology to ensure they all run smoothly.

“Now that we have Figured running well, I spend more time looking at where we are at and where we are going. Going forward, this means making financially informed business decisions faster, saving time and headspace. Something I work on all the time is removing ‘junk’ from my brain, e.g. there are hours and hours of unproductive thought wasted on not knowing your financial position, it kills productivity and the ability to work efficiently.”

Running all of his farms through one Xero account and utilising the functionality in Figured means that we are able to separate the operations of individual farms to view profitability on a per farm and consolidated basis. We also introduced Ed to PaySauce, which has made paying his 20-25 employees far more efficient. His employees are can enter their time via a mobile app and select which farm they are working on, along with the exact shed. This is providing accuracy in per farm variance reporting and keeping track of costs.


Downloadable resources

We’ve put together some easy to use resources that you can download and send straight over to your clients so that you can easily demonstrate the power of Xero, Figured & PaySauce for their agribusiness.

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Introduce to your clients how Xero, Figured & PaySauce work together using this simple brochure

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Webinar slide deck

Show your clients the benefits of Xero, Figured & PaySauce and how they can work together to make a farm business more efficient

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Email templates

A pack which contains several email templates that you can send to your clients to get them started

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Social tiles 

Beautiful imagery that you can share on your social networks to spread awareness of the Xero for Farming app stack

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