Figured and livestock management software, AgriWebb, announce partnership

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Figured and livestock management software, AgriWebb, announce partnership
By Admin

Figured is pleased to announce a new partnership with Australian livestock management software company, AgriWebb.

AgriWebb’s simple and easy to use software is helping livestock producers to manage their enterprise in a smarter and more efficient way. The AgriWebb NoteBook is a farm management and record-keeping app linked to a web-based portal for instant reporting, analytics and budgeting wherever the user may be. It is designed with extremely intuitive visual technology, allowing for simplified record keeping, pasture and inventory management and operational task organisation across one or multiple farming enterprises. Built to handle livestock and cropping operations across multiple users, The Notebook is technology that understands the workflow of a farmer and makes it easier. Capturing all relevant details and arranging information in actionable insights that help the user, manager or owner make better, more productive decisions about their business.

A partnership with AgriWebb aligns with Figured’s commitment to lifting the performance of Australasian agribusiness by connecting farmers and their advisers with tools that provide accurate real-time data. Our ultimate vision is to integrate with these platforms that allow for timely data to be shared and connected across software providers. Upon conclusion of the data integration between Figured and AgriWebb, this partnership certainly means that farmers and their advisers are a step closer to being able to utilise a collaborative data solution for the management of their livestock business.

“Building out the Figured agri-financial web means collaborating and sharing data with best of breed cloud ag tech companies, and AgriWebb is certainly that in the livestock space. The ability for transactions to automatically update in Figured as the livestock producer is using their AgriWebb App on farm is really exciting and a massive step forward for the industry”, says James Black, Figured General Manager Australia.

Justin Webb, AgriWebb Chairman and Co-Founder adds, “Farming is very much a data-driven exercise, even if that data has been managed from a notebook, a set of spreadsheets or even kept in the head and passed from generation to generation. Data tools that support on-farm decision-making have simply not taken advantage of available tech. AgriWebb is a platform using technology to collect, aggregate and contextualise on-farm data. It provides a platform for benchmarking best practice and better decision-making. Linking in with Figured’s accounting and financial budgeting platform is the obvious extension for increased profitability and productivity for farmers. Finally we have an emerging group of companies working to improve the lives of farmers”.

We're really excited by the opportunity to work closely with another innovative ag-tech company. Keep an eye on the blog to stay up to date on the latest announcements on the Figured and AgriWebb partnership.