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We love shipping code

Developers need great tools so they can ship amazing product to our customers. If you like the nerdy details you can check out our entire stack here but the headlines are PHP 7.3, Laravel, VueJS and a heap of AWS cloud goodness.

Our dev environment is second to none, you’ll have great tools so that you’re up and running in no time and pretty much everyone manages to ship to production on their first day!

We’re in it for the long run

As we’re writing code for ourselves, we have to make sure we’re not going to hate it in a few years time. This means starting with hiring the absolute best developers and then getting out of their way so they can do their best work. This means best practices, automated testing at the core of everything we do, friendly and positive code reviews, and giving a damn about what we ship is a part of our everyday.

Whilst the majority of our development is greenfield, refactoring and tech debt is part of our dev culture, in fact, we dedicate a week out of every month to keep things ship-shape and bristol fashion.

We’re building amazing things

We’re building amazing things

There's no other product like Figured—a cloud based platform for financial planning, management and reporting, which serves farmers, their accountants and their bankers from one single set of data.

From a technology perspective this is a highly sophisticated solution with intricate business logic and great data complexities, an amazing playground for someone looking to flex their development muscles.

Grow with the best

Grow with the best

Figured embraces a growth culture, after all it's a growing company that needs to learn its way through unlocking new markets and products.

We are constantly leaping and with that learning is part of everyday life, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals relentless on self development, you won't help but grow by the sheer exposure of the diverse talent around you, the opportunities to grow within and across roles and where personal development is just that, personal.

Figured is a place where you can be you

Figured is a place where you can be you

We are serious about our work but not about ourselves, we like to have fun, enjoy a relaxed and flexible environment, and big on thanks and high-fives (we even have a slack channel #thanks).

It’s important for us to be ourselves and work in the open (we even called it out as one of our values).

Move with us - we’re bringing the world's best together in NZ

Move with us - we’re bringing the world's best together in NZ

New Zealand is where talent wants to live - whether you’re after a great safe lifestyle with epic landscapes, friendly people, amazing innovation and a pretty decent international cuisine, then look no further.

Figured is a New Zealand accredited employer, we offer relocation compensation and will make sure you and (those brave enough to move with you) have a happy and smooth relocation experience.

We're looking for talented people (like you)

We're always open 
to the following:

If you’re a PHP developer with great product development experience across the latest MVC frameworks or someone with great experience within the financial or ag industry and have a passion for emerging cloud tech, then we want to hear from you! Email careers@figured.com to enquire about opportunities.

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Full Stack Developer (PHP)

Come work with one of New Zealand’s best product developers, you won’t be short of technical challenges or autonomy. Our progressive stack designed to keep our developer’s experience high and every line of code impactful.

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