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DevLife at Figured

Working at Figured means working with a bunch of talented developers, building an amazing product in a fast paced supportive environment where you’d do meaningful work.

We love shipping code

Developers need great tools so they can ship amazing product to our customers. If you like the nerdy details you can check out our entire stack here but the headlines are PHP 7.3, Laravel, VueJS and a heap of AWS cloud goodness.

Our dev environment is second to none, you’ll have great tools so that you’re up and running in no time and pretty much everyone manages to ship to production on their first day!

We’re in it for the long run

As we’re writing code for ourselves, we have to make sure we’re not going to hate it in a few years time. This means starting with hiring the absolute best developers and then getting out of their way so they can do their best work. This means best practices, automated testing at the core of everything we do, friendly and positive code reviews, and giving a damn about what we ship is a part of our everyday.

Whilst the majority of our development is greenfield, refactoring and tech debt is part of our dev culture, in fact, we dedicate a week out of every month to keep things ship-shape and bristol fashion.

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We’re building amazing things

There's no other product like Figured—a cloud based platform for financial planning, management and reporting, which serves farmers, their accountants and their bankers from one single set of data.

From a technology perspective this is a highly sophisticated solution with intricate business logic and great data complexities, an amazing playground for someone looking to flex their development muscles.

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Grow with the best

Figured embraces a growth culture, after all it's a growing company that needs to learn its way through unlocking new markets and products.

We are constantly leaping and with that learning is part of everyday life, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals relentless on self development, you won't help but grow by the sheer exposure of the diverse talent around you, the opportunities to grow within and across roles and where personal development is just that, personal.

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Figured is a place where you can be you

We are serious about our work but not about ourselves, we like to have fun, enjoy a relaxed and flexible environment, and big on thanks and high-fives (we even have a slack channel #thanks).

It’s important for us to be ourselves and work in the open (we even called it out as one of our values).

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Move with us - we’re bringing the world's best together in NZ

New Zealand is where talent wants to live - whether you’re after a great safe lifestyle with epic landscapes, friendly people, amazing innovation and a pretty decent international cuisine, then look no further.

Figured is a New Zealand accredited employer, we offer relocation compensation and will make sure you and (those brave enough to move with you) have a happy and smooth relocation experience.

We're looking for talented people (like you)

Experienced PHP Developer

Auckland, New Zealand

Build a high-demand, fast growing SaaS product thatʼs truly disrupting the Agri financial market and making a huge difference to the industry. You will play with the latest stack and enjoy our cutting edge rapid/iterative development style.

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Chief Financial Officer

Auckland, New Zealand

This role is for the finance executive with operational and strategic experience to join a high-growth, mission-driven organisation. You will partner with the CEO in developing and executing strategy, management of strategic partnerships, board, investor and capital management, as well as being responsible for core financial processes, metric framework and reporting.

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Customer Success Specialist (UK)

London, UK

Lead the day to day support and operational relationships of all our users in the UK. You'll get to work alongside a small, high-growth team supporting the Market Leads with the growth and development of the UK business.

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Software Development Intern

Auckland, New Zealand

Launch your career in one of New Zealand’s fastest growing global tech companies, where you’ll get complete ownership of your work and see the impact you make every single day. Immerse yourself in the full software development lifecycle by working alongside our product, development, data and user experience teams. You’ll thrive in a dynamic development environment and push the boundaries of what is achievable, while working in a fun, supportive and flexible culture with 60+ of your soon to be besties!

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    Office Manager

    Auckland, New Zealand

    We’re on the lookout for a new Office boss to own everything office and company admin related. Fun, flexible and fast work environment, loads of variety and a pretty sweet team. We're doing massive things globally, you will feel the passion and energy the minute you walk into the office. We need you to come and maximise on our awesome culture by making sure we're our most productive and happy selves.

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    Channel Sales Manager

    Melbourne, Australia

    We're looking for someone to own the growth and development of Figured in Australia across the accounting, banking and partnership channels - at both an executive and operational level, as well as leading and managing the in-market team. A senior position that requires the capability to provide qualified insight directly into the Figured Leadership Team and be responsible for leading the development and execution of Figured’s strategic business plan for Australia.

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