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Farm Consultants

Use complete and accurate financial data to construct an informed plan

As a farm consultant, you encourage your clients to establish plans and goals, and provide practical solutions to the challenges that come up in their business. With such an integral involvement in the performance of your clients’ farms, it makes sense that you also advocate for the use of leading farm financial management software to help them better understand their profitability and financial performance.

Figured at a glance

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Accessible from anywhere

With all data and financial information in the cloud you can access and analyse client data anytime, from anywhere you’re working.

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Save time on data gathering

Everything is in one place, reducing inefficiencies when it comes to gathering and inputting farm financial data, giving you more time to spend providing valuable feedback.

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Accurate, real-time information

Up to date livestock numbers are readily available and reconciled with actual bank data from Xero, with information flowing through to budgeting and reports.

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A connected farming team

In the face of volatility, it is important for the farming team to be aligned. Figured enables you to work alongside the farmer, bank and accountant using the same numbers.

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Adapt to changing conditions

Things don’t always go to plan, but with access to real time data, farming teams can easily reforecast profit and cashflow based on changing conditions.

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Integration with on-farm tools

Figured integrates with leading independent agronomy tool, Agworld, to efficiently link production plans to financial outcomes.

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