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Integration Partners

Xero is the leading cloud accounting software solution for small businesses. Figured is built upon Xero, to pull actual financial data from their platform so that users can create their financial plans, forecast and track production metrics. Because it’s all online, your whole farming team can collaborate using real-time financial information, wherever you’re working.

To use Figured, it is required to have at least a Xero Cashbook or Ledger, and this integration is available globally.

Bringing together the on-farm operations management and agronomy with the back office management, to help farmers to make decisions that are both agronomically and financially driven. 

Agworld enables accurate production planning, and in-field input and cost tracking. Figured, along with Xero, brings whole-of-farm budgeting, tracking and planning to complete the picture. With this powerful integration, you get a comprehensive and up-to-date view of your farm financial health and productivity.

FarmIQ’s farm management software keeps farmers’ everyday information in one place, helping them drive better farming decisions, improve performance and gain peace of mind ahead of audit time.

Combined with Figured, this powerful integration automatically syncs all stock transactions (e.g. births, deaths, sales, purchases) to eliminate manual data entry, improve the accuracy of farm records, and provide farmers and their advisors with a real-time view of the farm's performance to plan ahead with confidence.

Farm Source allows you to quickly see key on-farm information at a glance like your milk production and price. Figured's connection to Fonterra means that each month as Farm Source updates your total monthly milk production, those numbers come directly into your Fonterra milk tracker. The sync from Farm Source is automatic, and all synced production data will show as a locked number in your milk tracker.

This is available for all NZ Customers.

Trev is your trusty farm reporting software. Trev’s reports take less than 10 minutes a week to complete, making it easy to record on-farm events, monitor your performance and build up a database of operational information. By partnering with Trev, Figured is able to pull your up-to-date livestock data directly into the Figured LiveStock tracker. This not only saves you time and reduces double data entry, but means there is a single source of truth for all things livestock-related.

This integration is available for NZ Customers.

Agrigate enables easy and secure data sharing between on farm apps, helping apps deliver a better user experience for customers, and giving farmers confidence that they can send their data where it needs to go. Figured's integration with Agrigate pulls Figured's financial data into Agrigate's dashboard for a collective easy view of all your farm's data. Duplication of data entry is a major headache for farmers, and a barrier to technology adoption, and this integration solves that.

This is available for all NZ Customers.

ICBF provides cattle breeding information services to the Irish dairy and beef industries, and is a livestock traceability system and genetic management database. They also offer herd genetics and management of this as a value add, and they store monthly milk production data for several Irish co-ops. Figured's partnership with ICBF plugs in opening livestock and daily livestock movement data into Figured, which when combined with live financial data gives farmers and their advisors an almost fully automated view of farm financial position, by removing the need for manual production data input.

This is available for all Irish Customers.

The British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) is the organisation responsible for maintaining a database of all bovine animals in Great Britai The integration between Figured and BCMS has a read-only Cattle on Holding report directly from CTS Online flowing into Figured. This allow advisors access to up-to-date information about the current cattle on the farm, allowing them to deduce movements, where they’d otherwise have to go through the process of getting this data from farmers manually.

This is available for all UK Customers.

Integrate with Figured

Figured has an open API and is always looking for ways to improve the user experience for farmers and accountants, through integrations.

Other Product Areas

Financial Planning

Planning & Budgeting

Improved accounting efficiency means you’ll spend time planning and looking forward, rather than collecting historical data.

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Easily track livestock movements, crop and milk production as well as your operating expenses.

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Dollars per hectare, per kg milk solids and per carcass weight are built into Figured and are available in a click.

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