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Rural managers are an integral part of the farm advisory team, so connecting farmers with their bank gives them the support they need to grow and better manage the volatilities of the industry.

Figured gives rural bank managers the ability to track and view customers’ financial performance in real-time, quickly evaluate risk or opportunities, and deliver decisions back to your customers efficiently and with confidence.

A better way to work with farming customers


Access up-to-date data

With access to customers’ actual farm data in Figured, you’ll view financials in real-time, and always be working with the most accurate and up to date numbers.


Improved risk management

With easy to obtain and timely financial data, including milk payout pricing, you’ll have confidence in the accuracy of the data for more efficient credit decisions.


Transparent financial tracking

With a clear financial plan in place, you can easily log in and view how customer financial performance is tracking against their budget.


Proactive client relationships

With a clear picture of cash position, you can present opportunities and help your customer look ahead for business growth.


Look to the future

Buy? Sell? Expand? Assess different opportunities quickly, see how a business may look several years ahead and push credit applications automatically into credit risk systems.


Lifting the industry together

We’ve already partnered with several leading banks in New Zealand, Australia and the USA who believe in power of a connected farming team.

The Figured Data Ecosystem
How it all fits together


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The Figured online Help Centre provides comprehensive resources to help you get started, as well as guidance on training and troubleshooting.

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A live Figured training webinar provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the features of Figured and to chat to our team about any questions you have.

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