Quick and seamless farm reporting

Trev is your trusty farm reporting software, allowing you to record on-farm data and events in less than ten minutes per week. You can build your own database of operational information, then use Trev’s insight tools to monitor farm performance, benchmark and compare farms or export your data for financial and strategic decision making. 

By integrating with Trev, we’re speeding up the farm management process and opening the doors for your livestock data to flow directly through to Figured. Combining your data from both platforms amplifies the value of your information, boosting analytic and reporting functionality, and ultimately removes the pain of double data entry and the data discrepancies that often arise from it.

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What Figured & Trev can do

Removes double entry pain points

Figured & Trev save you time and remove the pain of double data entry with the automatic transfer of livestock information from Trev direct to your Figured farm. 

The seamless flow of data between the two platforms means that Trev becomes the single source of the truth for all your livestock movements and removes the need to enter the same data twice.

Eliminate data discrepancies

Trev’s weekly reporting process makes it the ideal place to capture your livestock data. Those who are using Trev on-farm are often closest to the operation and in the best position to input the correct information, and an in-built process sense checks your data against itself to ensure accuracy.

Our integration takes advantage of these accurate numbers - entering livestock data into Trev keeps Figured updated, which means your reports and financial statements are also up to date, helping save time and remove data discrepancies across your business.

Combines data for amplified value

Your operational on-farm data and financial data on their own are useful - but by combining both these data sets through this integration, we open up a new level of insight to NZ farmers and increasing the value that both platforms provide.

If you’re looking at an animal health bill or feed bill in Figured, overlaying operational data from Trev can bring to light new and relevant information to better inform your decision making on the farm.