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Driving efficiency, value and growth for agri advisors

Figured’s farm financial management solution integrates with Xero and MYOB, so no matter which cloud accounting software your clients use, you can provide them with a full financial management solution for farming enterprises. Together, Figured and cloud accounting software enables agri accountants to deliver enhanced farm reporting and advisory services that drive efficiency, growth, and profitability for their firm and their farming clients.

Once connected, users of Xero and MYOB will gain access to Figured’s agri-specific financial management tools that today’s accountants and farmers can use to gain clarity and control over the farm finances.

Here’s how you can win big in the agri-sector with Figured

By moving to an integrated cloud-based solution, agri accountants can streamline compliance and reporting tasks, and focus on delivering high-value advisory services. Farmers will confidently know their farm’s performance, creating clarity for future growth plans.

For farming businesses that use cloud accounting software, connecting with Figured’s cloud-based production tracking, budgeting and forecasting tools will mean they can:


Make more informed
proactive decisions


Deliver business


Build business agility
and resilience


Easily manage

A game-changer for the entire farming team

Figured makes it easy for the entire farming team to access the same set of core financial information, without having to re-enter data or create silos to deliver custom reports, such as budgets, forecasts, and stock reconciliation.

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It has never been more critical for accountants and their farming clients to have real-time data to bring more clarity and agility to their businesses.

For agri-accounting firms, our direct integration with cloud accounting software will allow accountants to bring their farming clients who already use Xero or MYOB onto Figured. It also enables users of desktop applications to easily transition to the cloud - creating opportunities to streamline compliance tasks, and providing a gateway to offer higher-value advisory services.

“Figured allows some great transparency of information coming through. Its ability to look at profitability on the farm and not just focus on cash gives a great understanding about how the business is performing."

Mark Edwards
Director, Murray Nankivell

“With Figured and cloud accounting software working together, we can see where things will end up in 5-to-10 years. You’ve got real numbers and good reports, and it gives farmers something to think about and tangible to work on.”

Jo Gilbert
Director, RSM

Over 30,000 farmers and their advisers worldwide trust
Figured to help them manage their farm finances

Watch how Figured has helped the entire farming team, from farmer to adviser, come together using innovative
cloud-based software to get clarity and control over the farm finances.

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Learn how to double your agri service fees with advisory in one financial year

A new financial year is underway, and if you are looking to drive more of your farming clients to proactively plan for the year ahead, watch our latest on-demand webinar and learn how newest Figured product enhancements will help you efficiently scale planning across your client base. 

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