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The Figured Platform for all your agri services

We know you’re under pressure to do more.

But the approach that has worked for so long - relying on specialist staff and familiar tools to deliver efficiency at one end of the scale, and high-value personalised services at the other, cannot respond to the new reality of increased customer need.

External factors are creating demand at a new scale and isn’t going to go away. 

Helping you to do more without needing more people or more time.

Figured’s platform is built to support all your agri workflows from end of year to advanced advisory, to benchmarking & modelling. A suite of agri-specific tools connected to your accounting data, gives you the specialist tools you need to deliver all your agri services efficiently and at scale.

Standardised Workflows
Standardise foundational workflows and outputs across your entire agri portfolio to create operational efficiency.

High-value Services at Scale
Tools specifically designed for agri professionals to scale high-value services across more clients.

Model Portfolio-wide Scenarios
Identifying risk and opportunity across your entire portfolio of clients at a glance. 

High-trust Relationships
Delivering more higher-value services means those client relationships improve alongside the service you provide them.

Give your firm the competitive advantage and unlock its true growth potential.

Leading agri service providers use Figured for growth

Scaling planning across your portfolio means you not only scale billing, but you scale positive client relationships too. Find out how firms are delivering high-quality personalised planning services across their portfolio without needing more people or more time.

Figured is now the platform for all your agri financial services

Farm Reporter

Annual scenario planning capability, farm summary performance report, ability to collaborate with farmers and include in reports packs.

Farm Manager

Forecasting tools for annual and management reporting, make in season adjustments based on changing market conditions, detailed variance analysis with the whole farming team.

Commercial Manager

Simplified three way forecasting tools for agri support and non-agri clients, informed variance analysis and KPI report packs throughout the financial year.

Figured Insights

Analyse your clients and identify those at risk, benchmark relevant portfolios of clients and make detailed assumption based models.

Figured Lending

Embedded tool for fast access to pre-qualified finance, get in season support for those identified clients who might be at risk.

Find out what you can do to scale your services now,
when your clients need it the most.

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