Bringing Xero to the land.
The complete online livestock tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting tool that works hand-in-hand with Xero.

Farm management and decision-making improves out of sight when farmers, accountants, advisers and bankers work from the same ledger – the same platform.

Just as you don’t need a tractor for every implement in the shed, Figured means you no longer need separate ‘engines’ for your financial management.

It can now all be done using the same ‘vehicle’ - a complete livestock reporting and farm budgeting tool combined with all the proven functionality and simplicity of Xero.

This means you can manage cash flow, forecast profit & loss and balance sheet movements and meet the need for a formal set of accounts and tax statements.

And the result?

Better teamwork between farmer and accountant, better organisation, better decision-making and better farming.

Figured means:

  • All parties working from one set of accounts with the same information using the same language.
  • The accounting role becomes less about compliance, more about exploring opportunities for greater profitability.
  • With seamless information between all parties and no need to transfer data, everyone’s focus is on adding value rather than gathering information.
  • Down-the-track, Figured will have the ability to benchmark performance in real time, which means being more focused on the profitability consequences of any on-farm action.