Farm accounting made easy

For you to grow farm profit in an environment of fluctuating commodity prices, variable seasonal conditions and rising costs, you need good plans and immediate financial feedback. Figured is a great way to get all the financial and production information you and your farming team need need to make confident decisions to improve your farm’s performance.


A clear picture of your cashflow
Track livestock movements, cropping production, operating expenses, see overall profit and future cash available, enabling decision making based on a true picture of farm performance.


Spend more time looking forward
Improved accounting efficiency means you and your accountant can spend time planning and looking forward, rather than just focusing on compliance accounting.


Production reporting at a glance
Dollars per hectare, per kg milk solids and per carcass weight are built into Figured and are available in a click.


Log in and collaborate from anywhere
Figured is an easier, more effective way to work with your accountant, farm consultant and bank to produce up-to-date management information on how the farm is performing.

Run your farm with confidence with the help of a Certified Figured Adviser

Figured and Xero give you access to powerful data – but its real value comes from making it meaningful to your farming operations and using it to manage performance. And while you can choose to manage your own Figured subscription, working closely with a Figured Certified Adviser will help ensure that you’re getting the most out of Figured and Xero.

As trusted farm accounting specialists, Certified Figured Advisers have the industry insight combined with cloud accounting experience to help you make financial decisions that drive the success of your business and help you plan for a more profitable tomorrow.

Because Figured is based online, you can easily collaborate on real-time information with your accountant and farming team, without even having to leave the farm.

We have Certified Figured Advisers located across New Zealand and Australia – click the link below to find one near you.

See how Figured works for farmers

Knowing where Oban is day to day as far as financials and livestock levels are concerned is a great advantage. Now I can be out on the land a lot more and all my focus is outside the office rather than worrying what’s going on with the accounts.
John Richmond, Oban Station Manager