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Figured Limited (Figured) has agreed with National Australia Bank Limited (NAB) to make available to NAB Agri customers a promotional discounted subscription to use Figured’s “Financial Farmer” farm financial management subscription plan (Financial Farmer).

Figured wishes to provide you with a promotional offer to use Financial Farmer and receive a 50% discount for the first six months (commencing from the date you accept these further terms and conditions).

These terms and conditions, together with Figured’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as posted at https://www.figured.com/terms-conditions/ and https://www.figured.com/privacy-notice/, respectively (Standard Terms and Conditions) apply to your use of Financial Farmer (together, the Applicable Terms and Conditions).

By accepting these terms and conditions in relation to the discounted subscription offer with Figured you acknowledge and agree that:

1. You shall be entitled to use the discounted subscription offer to access Financial Farmer for the period commencing on the date your Financial Farmer subscription is first activated and ending when the Six month promotional period expires, after which the full cost for a Financial Farmer subscription will apply, or if you terminate your Financial Farmer subscription in accordance with the Applicable Terms and Conditions.

2. You confirm that if you are accepting these terms and conditions on behalf of the “Account Owner” (as defined in the Standard Terms and Conditions), you have authority from the Account Owner to accept and be bound by these Further Terms and Conditions on their behalf.

3. 50% of the subscription fee will be payable by you during the first six months of the Promotional Licence Period (Six month promotional period).

4. After the Six month promotional period, you will be invoiced the full cost of Financial Farmer by Figured as outlined in the fee schedule set out on Figured’s website (which may be changed from time to time on notice to you).

5. You are, with respect to Financial Farmer, a customer of Figured and not a customer of NAB and NAB is not liable or responsible in any way for the performance or availability of the Financial Farmer subscription and no action taken by NAB in relation to your subscription to, or use of, the Financial Farmer subscription shall constitute financial or accounting advice.

6. NAB is not the “Account Owner” in terms of the Standard Terms and Conditions.

7. On expiry or cancellation of your NAB relationship, you may choose to continue using your Financial Farmer subscription directly from Figured, in which case your subscription will be charged at Figured’s standard subscription charges, as outlined in the fee schedule set out on Figured’s website.

8. If you do not wish to continue with your subscription you must notify Figured directly, and pay any outstanding/accrued subscription charges in accordance with the Standard Terms and Conditions.

9. You agree, Figured may share information about you and your use of the Financial Farmer subscription with NAB that will help with business analytics, marketing, advertising and performance monitoring of the discounted offer during, on expiry and on cancellation of your Six month promotional period.

10. If any term in these terms and conditions conflicts with a term contained in Figured’s Standard Terms and Conditions, the term in these terms and conditions will apply.