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Diprose Miller

Diprose Miller

Halving Time and Inefficiencies with Figured and Xero

“Using Xero and Figured has halved the time spent on financial administration each month for one of our multi farm corporate clients.”

Diprose Miller partner, Jeremy Skedgwell, was finding that not only was collecting information from his rural accounting clients more time-consuming than it needed to be, but also that there was a real inability to effectively gauge their position throughout the season.

“We wanted to be able to calculate the impacts of capital decisions as they affect the farm now – and not just at the end of the year when the financial statements are prepared”.

The whole farming team on the same page

Their previous system did not allow the whole farming team to view the same information at any one time. "Traditionally, most of our clients have used a separate system for managing their farm financials,” Jeremy explains. “We found there was a disconnect as we didn’t have access to the same information our clients were seeing."

“With Figured, we now get a real-time livestock position. I can log on anytime, see this information and collaborate with my client.”

Insightful reporting

Jeremy and his clients now have access to insightful numbers at a glance.

“Automated variance reporting is particularly useful in periods of low dairy payout, and production reports showing productivity per kg/MS, hectare and peak cow are valuable for benchmarking and profitability analysis.”

Delivering value above compliance

“Using Figured and Xero has halved the time spent on financial administration each month for one of our multi-farm corporate clients, saving us significant time and inefficiencies. That instead allows us to concentrate on adding real insight to our client’s business.”