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Dickinson & Clark CPAs

Dickinson & Clark CPAs

Taking advantage of the advisory opportunity

Dickinson & Clark CPA’s haven’t looked back since they began using Figured to manage their clients’ farm finances

For Iowa CPA’s Dickinson & Clark, working with their farming clients means more than just offering traditional compliance-based services. It’s about forming relationships, building trust and collaborating together to deliver high-value advisory services that make a difference.



[J.R. Woltemath] Partnering with Figured and cloud technology kind of answered a question that I've always had a passion for, but also Dickinson and Clark. We want to help our clients and be more than just a compliance service, we want to be an advisory service firm to help them with all of their decisions.

You know, every farmer has a toolbox in their truck or their tractor, but this is another tool that they have in their toolbox to manage their financial situation.

[Rachel Smith] The fact that it is so mobile and in the cloud makes it so accessible to so many different people that help them. Most of the things I see that farmers have the hardest time with is having the time to do it. 

[J.R. Woltemath] It takes a lot of time to accumulate the data and manipulate it to get valuable output. Then it's a challenge for them to be able to portray to people what it is that they're seeing when they're posting their books. Xero and Figured work together so that we can use those tools in conjunction and be part of a team to collaborate with our clients. 

[Rachel Smith] You know, once the farmer has the knowledge of how that software works, they can easily go back and see what that history showed them and what the best course of action.

[J.R. Woltemath] We use all of that data so that we can get real-time interaction and reporting.

[Rachel Smith] And so it's definitely a software that we prefer to use because of its accessibility and the capabilities that we know it has.