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Murray Nankivell and the Ogilvie Group

Murray Nankivell and the Ogilvie Group

Making confident decisions for the future of their farm with financial insights on Figured

The Ogilivies have found greater peace of mind using Figured

“Figured gives you peace of mind knowing your numbers are all there and so easy to access and generate reports. It’s just smooth sailing, no room for error.” - Duncan Ogilvie, South Australian farmer

Fourth generation farmer, Duncan Ogilvie, has found a slice of paradise along with his wife on a farm in Naracoorte, South Australia. But running a cattle trading operation isn’t easy, especially when decisions today require knowing the impact 6 or 12 months down the road. Luckily he works with accounting firm Murray Nankivell, and together they use Figured to forecast cashflow, run reports, and scenario plan for greater financial foresight and transparency. 

Watch their story and find out how Figured is helping farmers and their accountants collaborate and build clarity and confidence in their farm’s finances.


Duncan Ogilvie

"I'm recently married. We just love being out here on the land. It's just a great environment to live in. We're always looking to expand and grow bigger and trade more cattle and it's quite an exciting time. 

Using Figured, we have the ability to track cattle purchase and sales and all the information which comes with it and it's so easily accessible. They link up with the invoices to accounting software. With the cash flow budgeting feature for our business, we've got the ability to plan ahead and it gives the bank and Murray Nankivell confidence in us that we can continue to grow and expand as a business.

It gives you peace of mind knowing it's all there and it's so easy to access and to generate reports and just gives us the ability to focus on the day-to-day operations of our business. It's just smooth sailing. There's not a lot of room for error."

Mark Edwards, Murray Nankivell

"I think the key part for Murray Nankivell is that we try and understand what our clients are trying to seek and achieve. Figured is an online cloud tool, it enables clients to plan their cash flow scenario planning for one to five years into the future and be proactive with their decision-making. Figured allows some great transparency of information coming through. Its ability to look at profitability on the farm and not just focus on cash gives a great understanding about how the business is performing.

The bank really appreciates the clear transparency around cash reporting and being proactive in decisions, and we've got some great strong feedback from the bank around the reports they receive."

Leah Cother, Murray Nankivell

"From my experience, Figured works best when you involve the whole team, it aligns everyone's goals and gives everyone purpose. The information is right in front of you."