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Musselroe Beef & ProAdvice

Collaboration key to financial success

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Musselroe Beef is a family-run operation on 6000 hectares in the North East of Tasmania, Australia.

While still a relatively young farming business, Musselroe Beef has grown quickly, starting with 1000 head of cattle 7 years ago, to now have between 3000-5000 head of cattle, depending on the time of year.

Managing Director, Greg Bradfield, says the operation has grown with the support of Commonwealth Bank, who from day one, had an understanding of what Musselroe wanted to achieve as a business, and the strategic advice from their accountant at ProAdvice.

Using Figured and Xero, alongside their advisors, Musselroe Beef can accurately track production and cashflow, while also focusing on growth, looking ahead and making timely, informed decisions for a prosperous future.

See more of their story in the video below.

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