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How can you get started? Get a better understanding of the Figured software, and take the first steps in getting your budget created by following this series of webinars, below. You can register for a live session of these webinars with one of our experts

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Get started with Figured

Check out our help centre articles and step by step guides on how you can get started with setting up and getting the most out of Figured

Figured Products

New to Figured?

Get familiar with Figured, and learn how to connect your Xero account to Figured. Here you'll find some step by step guides on how to set up your account and some checklists to see if you’ve done everything correctly

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Scenario Planning

Learn how to create your first scenario on those 'what if' situations, set up your opening position and update your scenario proposition using these educational articles.

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Building your plan

Take a closer look at budgets and forecasts, and figure out how you can build your financial plan through these videos and step by step guides. Here you can also check out what tools can help you get set up quickly.

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Production tracking

Tips on using the allocator and product tracker within Figured to keep on top of inventory, and allocating income and expenses to production centres.

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Tips & tricks

Here you'll find some quick tips and tricks on making your way around Figured. Find out how to manually sync your Xero account, get your bank feeds set up or adding a new user to a farm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our list of the most commonly asked questions relating to Figured. Find out how to fix any issues or where to find that button you've been searching for.

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Case Studies

Check out what our partners and farmers have to say about the changing climate

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Educational Content

Figured Products

Figured Products

Find out more about the products we have to offer and what they can do to help your farms

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We’ve got a range of helpful webinars that we have run and recorded for you to watch

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