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BDO Northland

BDO Northland

Bringing the Whole Farming Team Together

"Now that we can all work from the same set of real time information, planning and forecasting is much easier."

One of the biggest issues BDO Northland was facing was getting customers to realise the importance of forecasting when incomes can fluctuate and also getting them to put funds aside for these unexpected events.

With Figured, their clients are now more engaged in planning and are making more confident financial decisions.

“Working with our rural clients was always harder than it needed to be,” Robyn Terlesk, Partner at BDO Northland. “With other accounting packages, the biggest pain point was not having ready access to current information. We were always looking back and only on an annual or GST return period basis.”

A collaborative approach

Using Figured means that the whole farming team including Robyn’s practice, the farmer and their farm consultant can all access and work from the same real-time information.

“Farmers can now be more involved in planning and forecasting rather than just being provided with forecasts that the farm consultant has completed."

“They can now plan for those uncertain events and make better decisions,” says Robyn.

For the team at BDO, using Figured allows them to provide advisory services at a strategic level for an affordable price, and lets farmers get back to concentrating on the hands-on aspects of farming.