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Kaituna Pastures and Stem Rural Accountants

Kaituna Pastures and Stem Rural Accountants

How Kaituna Pastures simplify farm financial management with Figured

Watch how Te Puke dairy farmer, Luther Siemelink, uses Figured to make managing the farm finances simpler for him and his farming team

Alongside their trusted advisor, Martin Pipe of Stem Rural Accountants, they shared their farming story - including why they got into farming and their vision for the future of their farm and family.

We also got their take on how they collaborate together to drive efficiencies on their 120ha dairy farm, and the technology they utilise to get a clearer picture of the farm finances to make smarter and more informed decisions and position themselves for a successful future.



Luther Siemelink, Kaituna Pastures

"I'm Luther Siemelink, my wife, Jess and I farm on 120 hectares south of Te Puke. 

The original reason that we got into farming was the lifestyle for kids. It's pretty cool to be able to come home when I want to see the kids, or if they've got stuff on, we go and do that with them. 

The things we are currently doing is to try and make stuff on farm simpler for staff and ourselves - Figured helps us with that, because it means that whole off-farm team can see exactly where the business is at any given time. It just means we can make well-informed decisions. 

If the family's happy and we can do everything that we want to, and still have a successful farm and start looking to the future around what we want to achieve there, then I'll be happy."

Martin Pipe, Stem Rural Accountants

"My name's Martin Pipe. I work at Stem Rural Accountants in Te Puke. We're always looking for technology to help either our business or our clients' businesses. 

It's all about having the data in one place and allows us to collaborate together. Figured allows us to step into the advisory role because we get the compliance stuff done so efficiently - it's magic. 

Using tools like Figured allows me to have more real conversations with my clients, like Luther and Jess, about what's going on throughout the season."