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Noone Plus Ltd

Noone Plus Ltd

Embracing the Power of the Cloud

"Using cloud software enables us to work collaboratively with our clients as we are all viewing the same single set of information.”

Noone Plus accountant, Scotty Jenkin, could see that his clients were struggling to make decisions about their farm because they were only able to look backwards at historic financial data for the year.

He wanted a system that would allow the whole farming team to collaborate on real-time data in order to make more proactive decisions and discovered the powerful cloud combo of Figured and Xero accounting software.

“The biggest issue we come across with farmers is that whatever other system they are using they don’t have access to real-time information about how their farm is tracking."

"Now with Figured and Xero and the new technology they provide, our clients know how their businesses are performing today, which is unbeatable really.”

Reporting when you need it

Scotty explains that one example of where this can really impact his clients’ business plans is when the farmer needs to quickly provide reports to their bank.

“In the past we also couldn’t provide up-to-date information to the bank, so it took a lot of back and forth between us and the client to get their position up to date.”

Looking forward

Is also allows him to take a more future-focused approach with his clients “We were always looking back instead forward,” Scotty says.

“Now with Figured and Xero, the whole farming team is focused and collaboratively planning effectively for the future."

"It means that we can provide more value than just doing compliance, and consequently we have a much stronger relationship with our clients now.”