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Driving Success with Cloud Tech

"Figured gives us the ability to work alongside farmers by providing insight and clarity into the financial impact of business decisions."

For the accountants at Sudburys, their focus is on working with their clients to achieve their goals.

They’re also a practice that understands the important role that cloud-based software is now playing in helping their clients get there. They want their clients to feel confident in their business decisions, and to do this they need to be looking at real-time information on a regular basis.

User-friendly tools

The great thing about Figured and Xero is that you don’t have to be an accountant to be able to login and see your cash and equity position in a simple and attractive manner.

This not only increases the client’s financial participation but also enables them to track their business performance effectively, reducing a lot of stress of the unknown.

Up-to-date data for more informed decision-making

With the volatility present in farming today the need for a real-time financial position is critical – Sudbury’s gets this and actively encourages their farming clients to get involved with their farm’s business management. Thanks to the cloud, it’s possible for both farmers and accountants to remotely collaborate on the same information.

Farms are now multi-million dollar businesses that require expertise from many disciplines to thrive and grow. The combination of Xero and Figured provides clarity around financial information that allows farmers, bankers and accountants to collaborate in real-time and make informed decisions about the financial management of their business.

Stock is easily tracked throughout the year which leads to simple livestock reconciliations, accurate forecasts and the best part – no surprises.

Delivering real value to clients

Instead of looking backwards on end-of-year reports, Figured helps Sudburys provide more value to their clients through insightful advisory services and they are excited about the possibilities that farming in the cloud presents for the future.

Sudburys is looking forward to automatic integration with applications such as NAIT and LIC, streamlining the farmer’s entry of data and allowing a greater depth of understanding of all aspects of the farm, ultimately leading to better financial management.