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WK Advisors & Accountants

WK Advisors & Accountants

Number 8 Wire Meets the Cloud

"Figured is making reporting, forecasting and production analysis more efficient and understandable."

As the demand to capture and analyse data has grown, so too has WK Advisers & Accountants desire to be able to partner with their clients and other advisors to assist with timely and meaningful reporting and advice.

Reporting, simplified

Having identified early that by utilising the cloud they could create a huge efficiency in the way they reported, WK needed a system that could provide management reports and forecasts, while at the same time, collect the data that allows the efficient production of annual reports and income tax.

“By utilising the power of cloud-based applications, Figured and Xero, we know we are onto a winner. We are able to do more, sooner and far quicker.”

Staying a step ahead

Historically, WK were only able to react to and report on historical events, however with Figured, they’re now able to take a more proactive approach to advising clients on their financial matters.

“With Figured, the livestock reconciliations that in the past could take hours, now take minutes."

"The numbers are up to date and rolling forecasts provide accurate and flexible tools to assist in the financial management of the farming business.”

Industry-leading technology

WK are proud to be leaders in using technology to provide innovative advice.

“New Zealand farmers are renowned for their ability to innovate and create solutions using the famed No. 8 wire approach. At WK, we are challenged to respond in a similar way but by using great technology - and that’s where Figured and Xero are the answer.”

WK are now looking to a future where their firm is at the forefront of farming with technology that makes the job of farm reporting, forecasting and production analysis more efficient and understandable.