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FAQs - Figured Partner Support Program

We expect that over the coming months farmers will come under increased pressure to re-evaluate the immediate future while maintaining their businesses through this time of volatility, ensuring that our largest industry remains the backbone of the economy. 

As trusted financial experts to farmers, your knowledge and support will be of significant importance to helping your clients’ planning, and likely be in high demand. 

The Partner Support Programme is designed to support our accounting partners to help their farming clients plan and thrive in uncertain times. 

The tailored programme includes:

  • Upgrading all new and existing Farm Reporter and Reporter+Scenario’s subscriptions to Farm Manager, free of charge for a period of time. This will give you full access to our multi-year scenario planning tool and monthly rolling plan capability, in addition to the existing Figured Lite functionality

  • A webinar for all our your interested farming clients to understand why multi-year scenario and planning is important for the business now more than ever

  • Training and support to help prepare you and your team and your clients be successful with firming up plans and using the Figured software

This is a small thing we can do to help support your clients with planning and modelling outcomes during these unpredictable times, and with farm budgeting season approaching with banks.

In these uncertain times, it's dangerous to assume that certain clients don’t need help right now.

For your clients, they need to understand their current financial situation, how COVID-19 could affect their future financial performance and what they need to do differently now to ensure they’re on track to weather the storm. 

To avoid making assumptions, we ask our partners to consider a couple of things: 

    • Gauge who’s interested

      We’ve done the heavy lifting by preparing an email templates to engage all farming clients. If you don’t hear from your clients after 5 days, give them a call to see if they’re interested

    • Be prepared to be flexible with how you work

      Most of your clients need your help right now, so don’t fall into the trap of assuming they don’t want to speak until annual accounts time. There is no time like the present to start engaging, so start by gauging interest and then hosting a webinar to discuss the importance of financial planning 

    • Use this as an opportunity to engage your staff working from home

      This is a great way to keep your remote team engaged in client work. Get them involved in preparing status quo scenarios and insight, and for some, even conducting the client discussions. All the above tasks can be done by working remotely and ensures that your firm remains productive during these disruptive times 

We’d suggest the following process for engaging your clients: 

  • Gauge

    Identify who’s interested in attending a webinar to learn more 

  • Present

    Either yourself, Figured or together host a webinar presenting the importance of financial planning for farmers

  • Engage

    Following the webinar, your clients will have the chance to engage with you and your staff to refine their scenario further and put in place a plan to take charge. This is where your domain expertise becomes very important in navigating your clients through a time of uncertainty

We have an extensive set of tools to help you tailor the right approach for your clients get the best from this programme - this includes training/ educational webinars and resources, a guide on creating a status quo scenario (including what COVID-19 assumptions to make) and email templates to gauge client interest. 

Fill in the form below and a Figured Business Development Manager will be in contact soon to create a tailored plan for your firm. By the end of April, your team will be proficient with Figured’s planning tools and be kicking off your webinar. 


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